Perplexium — When You Forget Why You Entered a Room


Words We Need To Use Today

book-1659717_640 by gerhard gellinger from Pixabay

Perplexium — When you enter a room and forget why you are there, you are in a state of perplexium. It could also be used as a noun to describe the room where confused people go to sit and ponder deep questions.

Rollerdoobie– the sharing of a joint with the other old ladies at the bowling alley on the corner.

Adjegasm– when reading the perfect descriptive in a poem causes you to gasp spontaneously. This may occur when you read a poem written by the talented R Tsambounieri Talarantas.

Spazmolar– an uncontrollable chattering of teeth caused by drinking a slushy too quickly. Spazmolar is often accompanied by a brain freeze.

Textonds– the time you have at a red light to answer all of your messages

Writicule– when a reporter uses thinly veiled sarcasm in an article about a ridiculous political figure. You know who I mean.

Classifried — Fried foods such as zucchini sticks or fried pickles from an fancy restaurant, preferably with craft beer on the menu. Also a rap video about a man selling his car in the classifieds.

These useful new words are Part 2 of my conversation with Daniel G. Clark who didn’t waitag before he replied to challenge. You can find his brilliant neologisms here:

View at

Part 1 of the conversation is here:

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