High Noon On the Water

Photo by Nikhita Singhal on Unsplash

The sun is confident
I squint in defense
Against the onslaught
Of glittering reflections

A shimmering stream of foil
The small boat drifts
My precious burden
Carefully stowed

Part of you is still with me
I take comfort in your presence.
We reach the deepest part
And slow

Barely moving in the current
I uncover you and cradle your weight
Lift the heavy chains
Consider them in my hands

My thoughts turn to you
Blackness rushes over me
I bite my tongue
It tastes of nickels

Leaning out
I lift my burden higher
But hesitate to part with you
So very special

You were my best
My masterpiece
It is time
You slip
Down into silver light

Dark layers envelop you
You sink
Into the darkness of my memory
A treasure to be recalled
Over and over again

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