Shortcut Your Publishing Steps

For More Time to Write

kaleidoscope — Dmitri Posudin from Pixabay

I love the feeling when I click on the Publish button on Medium.

When I see the final message and know my carefully edited article is out there for Medium readers to discover, it’s satisfying.

But I know I’m not finished.

Publishing on social media involves a lot of steps and it’s important to do what you can to get your writing out to a wider audience.

  • In the past, I would copy the ‘friend link’ and tab over to my twitter account to create a post, adding appropriate hashtags and links.
  • Then I would like the post and retweet it, changing the hashtags and mentioning a couple of writer groups that I’m involved with.
  • Then I would do the same on my facebook account and on a couple of facebook pages that I manage.

There are tons of other steps to follow if you use multiple platforms.

Then I discovered a way to make part of it automatic using IFTTT.

View at

I’m always looking for shortcuts.

I will embrace any tool that reduces the number of ‘copy/paste/clicks’ so I can get back to the real writing.

I’ve used IFTTT and it works well, but you need to remember one thing.

On Medium, your comments and replies on stories are considered stories in themselves. They aren’t in the paywall, but they are treated as stories by IFTTT.

So when you make a comment, remember that it’s going to post to Twitter or any other social media account you have automated.

I make a lot of comments.

I didn’t realize how chatty I am until I saw them posting on Twitter.

  • At first I stopped commenting. That wasn’t good. I enjoy the interaction and needed to find a way to continue.
  • Next I made all my comments private. I didn’t like that either. It’s fun to read the comments on stories. Sometimes they turn into a great discussion. When I use my phone there’s no option for a private comment so I didn’t comment at all. When I realized I was making fewer comments overall, I knew I had to make a change.
  • I set up another twitter account with the idea that I would retweet the articles over to my writer twitter account, leaving the comments behind. Complicated, right? It turned into more work and the tweets looked worse than ever.

I wanted automation but I had to fix the comments on my feed.

So I started experimenting with how I could change how it displayed on twitter.

When you create the IFTTT, you can add some standard hashtags which will come through on your stories, but also on your comments.

My standard hashtags are:

@Illum_Official #medium #diversity #synergy #writers #authors #poets #fiction #poetry #nonfiction #fusion #writingcommunity @medium @enticethewrite @breathing_words

The last two are writing groups that I belong to so they may not apply.

Most of my comments begin with “Thank you for this…….”. My twitter posts looked goofy.

I decided to make the comment more personal so I began with the author’s name. That was better. It also put context into the comment.

The last thing I did was add an image to the comment and that made all the difference.

Here’s one of my recent comments on an inspiring article by Karen Madej:

image by author

My comments look better and I’m satisfied for now.

I’m happy that I took the time to experiment with how Medium comments look when they are posted on twitter. Using IFTTT makes my publishing process more efficient so I have more time for writing.

After all, it’s the writing that really matters.

— —

If you are a writer and want to join Medium, use this link to join me there.

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