Taking Tiny Steps can Make a Difference

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The Superpower of Choice

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Have you ever tried to make changes in your life and found it was harder than you thought it would be?

Have you tried to make a change, over and over, only to give up in the end?

Real change in how you function and how you engage with others becomes possible if you persist.

You have a superpower. I call it the “superpower of choice” and it’s powerful. It can catapult you into a space of possibility where real change can happen.

I’m talking about measurable change, not just rearranging the furniture –but a change in how you be in the world. This becomes your new reality.

Our instant gratification mindset expects instant change.

We all want change to happen right away. We want it to be easy, but it takes time to develop a habit, so it will take time to create a new one. Don’t stop what you are doing just because it doesn’t work right away.. keep going.

Choosing to do something different can happen in small steps. I started making changes in my life by sitting and listening quietly for five minutes every day. Over time, this practice grew and I started seeing possibilities that I couldn’t see before.

Change is cumulative over time.

We get used to a pattern of behavior and sometimes we can see the possibility of change but we aren’t ready to do it. That’s ok — seeing a possibility is a start. You might choose to continue the behaviour, but while you’re doing it, you think about change.

It’s possible to continue to do one thing while you’re exploring different ideas. By exploring different possibilities, you move closer to the moment of change.

When you make the choice to change, the change begins to happen.

Most people don’t go from one process to another without going through an exploration of the new process. It takes time and you need to be patient with yourself while you work through it. Once you choose differently, change starts to occur.

Let it go.

You might want to do something a new way. but it can take a while for you to untangle yourself from the reasons why you have to stay the same.

It takes a while to let go of your old story. Be gentle with yourself. It’s ok to let go of the past. That story doesn’t have to be who you are anymore.

Things start to move quickly when you let go of old stories and old behaviours.

When I look back a couple of years, I almost don’t recognize who I was and I’m grateful I decided to open up to new possibilities in my life.

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