We‘re Relieved That We Dodged The Bullet’

The Borders Stay Closed

adler-1182787_640 Andreas Nusko from Pixabay

Canada’s Prime Minister just announced that the Canada-US border will stay closed to non essential traffic for another month.


That’s the sound of a collective sigh of relief, from both sides of the border.

Coming out of lock-down is full of uncertainty. I feel a bit like a turtle, poking my head out of my shell for the first time in months. There are so many unknowns to consider and some of us are still worried about getting the virus.

Businesses are cautiously beginning to reopen up here, but things are still uncertain and many people aren’t sure how it will go.

Others are excited to be able to get a haircut or catch up on their fitness programs at the gym. Schools are opening slowly so our kids will be able to see their friends again, although it’s not going to be the same.

From what I can see, the US is easing restrictions as well. It’s different in every State, just like the Provinces. Everyone is doing their best to keep the pressure off the medical system, while allowing us a bit of breathing room.

Still, we’ve never done this before.

  • We’ve never been in a global pandemic of this size.
  • Closing business and having entire populations go into lock-down is an experience I’ve never had.
  • We’re writing the rules as we go and sometimes we won’t get it right. as long as we’re willing to adapt and change as we go, we’ll be ok.
  • It’s going to be harder than we thought and take longer than we expected.

If you’re uneasy, I’m not surprised. So am I.

New experiences bring uncertainty. That’s expected. It won’t last forever and if we can control our expectations, this time will be easier to navigate.

Since the March 2020 decision to temporarily close the border to non-essential travel, we’ve all been wondering when it would be open again.

We miss you guys up here and look forward to welcoming you back.

But… not quite yet.

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