New Words That Need To Be In the Dictionary

She’s such a vlock

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

I was reading the profile of a writer I recently met and noticed that Adam Slawson used a word I’d never heard of: “vulnerebel”.

He used it like this:

Vulnerebel — “Writing about being a vulnerebel in life, love and business. Founder of Plight Club — The first rule is: you DO talk about it-

I was reminded of a game we used to play in college and thought it would be fun to bring it to my friends at Illumination. Here goes:

Invent five new words, and give us their definitions.

We all know situations or things that should have a name but they don’t.

Make up a word that you think suits the purpose and explain to us why they should be included in the next dictionary. Be bold and let your imagination run free.

Here are some of mine:

This is when you text someone and you’re nagging them at the same time. Nag texting.

– This word is for the little row of dots that you see when you start to type in a message and your friend starts to type and then you both erase your typing so that the other person can type. This one’s for you Kevin Buddaeus.

– This describes the sudden urge to put your body between your child’s vomit and your new carpet. I’ve put my hands out to catch my son’s vomit as he threw up, trying to protect the floor. It’s a parent thing.

– Farmers will understand this one. It’s a condition that older hens get, when they stop laying eggs.

– We’ve all felt this one. It’s the warm feeling left on a chair from another person sitting there before you.

– This is my husband’s favorite as he’s sporting a head of hair that’s arctic blonde. It’s the new blonde, not grey, but arctic blonde.

If you have any new words that you feel should be in the dictionary, please add them in the comments.

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