Haunted by a Lashless Man in My Dreams

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Searching for Meaning

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What haunts me?

I had a dream the other night where I was expecting a visitor. I was camping by myself in the mountains and my tent was pitched in a meadow of blue and lavender wildflowers.

It felt like an old flame was travelling a long way to see me. My heart fluttered as I anticipated seeing him again and I wondered why he was coming.

When he arrived at my campsite, I realized that I wasn’t sure who he was anymore, but he smelled familiar so I wasn’t afraid.

We sat across from each other at the picnic table and I watched as he changed. My eyes blurred as layers were revealed to me and I no longer saw the young man that I first noticed.

He was a shifting into a new form and then back again, as if he wanted me to see him both ways at once.

His skin was lighter and looked coarse and I imagined it would feel rough under my fingertips. It was just about to reach out and touch him when I realized that he had lashless eyes.

They were a greyish white with red pupils. Not a bleeding creepy red, just a difference that I noticed and wondered at. His ears were similar, and slightly forward on his head so that it almost seemed like he had four eyes.

Four eyes. That is what they used to say to me in elementary school when they were teasing me on the playground.

This visitor brought a message and I’m still pondering it’s meaning.

‘Drop inside and you will know your next move.’

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