I Have a Horrible Case of Packlapse

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Foodie words we need Now

Photo by LikeMeat on Unsplash

These useful new Foodie words are part of a challenge where we create words that should exist and give them a definition. I invite you to play along — tag me in your article when you do.

Slicifice: when only a piece of pizza will satisfy that craving.

Packlapse: when you forget your lunch in the fridge at home. Packlapse is the bane of the inexperienced traveller.

Briemorse: when you eat the entire wedge of cheese by yourself.

Absconed: when you secretly grab the last scone and hide it in your desk.

Apocachips: when you go to the grocery store and there are no chips to be had.

Satisfried: when you’ve eaten your fill of Classifried foods.

The members of our word challenge group so far are: Eli Snow , Daniel G. Clark , Tree Langdon ♾️, Eashan Reddy Kotha, Paroma Sen, Keno Ogbo

If I’ve missed you, please tag me here and I’ll include you in my next post.

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