Your Relationships Have An Energy Vibration

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So Does Everything You Create

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When you create something new, pay attention to your intentions.

Whether it’s a new business or product or a new relationship, your energy will affect how your creation is viewed by others.

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

Everyone’s soul has a unique energy vibration.

There are gifted people who can read soul records (called Akashic records). These records are energy imprints. Each one contains information about the unique gifts, energy vibrations, rhythms, talents and abilities of that soul.

Similar souls resonate. They are drawn into soul groups with each other.

Because they resonate, they interact in relationships called clusters or families. I call them familiarity groups.

It’s an interesting way to perceive the world.

When your eyes meet across a crowded room and you make a connection, it’s your soul talking. There’s something about the other person’s energy that interests you.

Sometimes it’s the opposite.

There are people you avoid on sight. People who make you feel uncomfortable for no reason. You can’t define it, but you are instantly sure you won’t get along.

When you start to pay attention to the energies you feel, you may begin to notice patterns in how others relate to the world. You notice their attributes and see where their talents lie.

Sometimes they resonate with your energy print and it “just feels right” to be near them.

They feel familiar.

If you are observant you can see how various rhythms come together. They interact and a relationship builds when they resonate. Or things don’t work out because the energies conflict.

Energy is unlimited.

Your creations have an energy vibration.

Each creation is a being, with its own energy centre and life.

When you begin to create the consciousness of something, like a blog or a website, a new relationship or a job, you attract things that match the energetic profile of what is being created.

When you’re inspired and creative you infuse your creation with your inspiration.

If you are creating something for the sole purpose of making money, that’s the vibration or feeling you’re infusing it with. That creation may be attractive to some, but others will feel manipulated in a subtle way. They won’t be interested in pursuing it.

Take a moment and sit with your creation. Feel the energy profile you see in the things you create. It has its own rhythm, gifts, attributes and essence. Ask yourself questions.

Why am I creating this? How do I want it to be perceived by customers? What does it need?

Once you’re sure your creation resonates with you, ask it what it wants and see where it leads you.

It’s like enticing a new lover.

Before you can do anything with this creation, get to know it well so you can recognize its vibration in other things. Quietly coax it to come closer so you can become better acquainted.

The universe is waiting to entice you to experience more in your life.

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