A Cloak, Invisibility and Judgment

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Using the Power of Projection to Protect Ourselves

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“When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.” Wayne Dyer

We often fall into judgment without thinking.

We see someone who dresses differently and quickly decide what kind of person they are. A sloppily dressed person is not responsible. A man in a suit must know what they are doing. A woman with a low cut blouse is a slut.

Beliefs make things familiar.

We are taught to judge others. Sometimes we use judgment to protect ourselves. But more often, we function from default programming. And sometimes we judge people as bad or wrong if they do something we are ashamed of in ourselves.

We distract ourselves by using the power of projection to deflect guilt and blame onto others.

Any energy you are not willing to be, you will live at the effect of.

Manipulation was one of those energies I often judged. I didn’t want to be a manipulator so I refused to accept I might have manipulation energy inside of me. Whenever I saw someone using manipulation I immediately made them wrong. My judgment blocked me from seeing the energy of manipulation inside of me.

Because I was not willing to be the energy of manipulation, I opened myself up to living at the effect of anyone who wanted to manipulate me.

Now, I’m not saying you have to be a manipulator. I’m saying you can accept the energy of manipulation is inside of you, and it’s a choice available to you if you want it.

Because I judged manipulation, I kept it separate from me.

That made the manipulation energy inside me invisible.

I judged the bully, the victim, the narcissist, manipulator, villain and more. All of those energies were inside me. I had placed a cloak of invisibility around them.

I put on a cloak of invisibility.

I was in denial because of my judgments and I couldn’t see where I was being that energy in the world. Any proof of how I was acting in those energies was invisible to me.

It’s a sneaky piece of magic we have in our operating system. We hide things from ourselves by keeping them close, under a cloak of invisibility. Because we are separated from it, we can’t see it in ourselves. Call it self-sabotage or denial.

Judgment also cut me off from awareness of people wanting to manipulate me. I was as blind as a bat when it came to manipulation.

Your orientation in life determines how you see and feel your life experiences. Orientation also affects your choices. Look closely at your beliefs to discover where you are judging others and yourself.

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Be willing to be wrong.

When you make things wrong, you separate yourself from them. When you allow things, you can see them, but you don’t have to choose them.

When you recognize you can have all kinds of energies inside you without choosing them, then you don’t have to make them wrong.

This is hacking separation. When you use judgment, it becomes a cloak of invisibility you use to hide things from yourself. You don’t have to make them invisible; just choose not to use them.

I didn’t want to be held hostage by my judgments or beliefs so I gave them up. This is an ongoing practice as I become more and more aware of what I am hiding from myself.

Ask yourself: what is true in this moment? Do you trust what is within you?

“My desire to be liberated from my story is greater than denying my inherent power.”

And realize this: if you do choose to act from a certain energy, good for you. If you want to be the bitch, go ahead, but be aware of what you are using it for. If you want to manipulate, know you’re doing it. Don’t hide it, don’t judge it. If you want to keep being a certain energy, be aware. Don’t make it your default, make it a choice.

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

Admit your choices. Once you admit you have chosen to be a certain way, you can play with it.

One of the roles I’ve consciously chosen is the Queen of Follow through. Sometimes I didn’t feel like being the rules person, but I had to follow through so my children would take me seriously.

When have you chosen to be a certain way in your life and how did that work for you?

Are you living with a certain energy? Do you have a clear awareness of what the energy creates?

Own all of you and choose what you want to create in every moment.

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