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Neologisms for today

Photo by Jesper Stechmann on Unsplash

We’re the Crew and we’ve jumped into the deep end.

As a writer, I’m fascinated by words and always love to discover a new one. I belong to a fun group of playful writers and we’ve been creating words that should exist.

It’s a lot of fun and we’d love it if you jump in and play with us.

Without further adieu, here are today’s fantastic new words:


The place on a man’s chest directly above the heart, where a woman can comfortably place her head when she needs a soft place to rest.


No praise is ever enough for this person.


The incessant search for something one already has. Also referred to as Lookundersomething.


A person who has many qualities of an introvert, as well as social butterfly. The word for the condition is Socialversion.


Full of intention to complete the task assigned.


The ability to see obstacles where there are none.

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