Shoot For An Irresistible Post, Not Curation

When the Stars Align and Your Post is Chosen

A NASA image of a galaxy swirling in space.
Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

Is Curation the Holy Grail of Medium?

It depends on who you ask.

Sure, a curated article is recommended to readers across the Medium homepage, app, topic page, and emails. That increased exposure can result in more reads, but that’s not guaranteed.

The real goal, in my mind, is presenting an irresistible post.

You know which ones I mean. An irresistible post is one that begs to be clicked. It presents the perfect combination of an enticing image and title. It’s seductive.

You are compelled to find out more.

The irresistible post is like a portal to another world. You know there’s a treasure inside if you dare to open it.

When the reader steps into your story, be ready to present them with a well written, engaging post. Don’t disappoint them.

In a nutshell, write quality articles and pay attention to tags, kickers, format, and Medium curation rules.

If you write an irresistible post that meets your readers’ expectations and you’re lucky enough to have the curation stars align, you’ve succeeded.

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