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Fibonacci Spiral poem

a grey snail blends in as it crawls along on a rock. A spiral shell is on it’s back.
snail-5395186_1920 by Nowaja from Pixabay

Numbers and logic satisfy me in a way that is difficult to describe. I enjoy order, although that would surprise the people I live with.

I’m messy as hell. My office is filled with piles of paper and canvas and I collect strange bits of metal and sculpture. I am an ephemera addict and can’t pass a thrift store without going in.

One of my dreams is to learn to weld and built large sculptures of dragons and giant lizards to put in my garden. Oh yes, my garden is studded with collected bits of rusting metal. There’s a lion in a tree, a long chain with a pointed arrow at one end is dangling from our front deck and the shed in the back is studded with discarded horseshoes — with the open end up so the luck doesn’t run out, of course.

On the surface, nature is also a messy place. To our eye, the deep forest is a chaos of fallen trees, layered with moss and leaves and delicious rot.

When we acquire a bit of land we tend to tidy it up, arranging plants in rows and pulling out weeds that we’ve decided don’t belong.

Deep beneath all the messy layers is a secret logic reflected in nature over and over again.

When I came across the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, it made complete sense. There is a plan after all.

This is my exploration of the logic underlying the structure of nature. “Elements abstracted from the math of things belong to the earth”.

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The Circle of Life As a Logical Sequence

Fibonacci Spiral poem

a flower called a bird of paradise or caudata
caudata-1073282_1920 by Thanks for you Like from pixabay


a bird

breathes a song

a gentle strumming

that whispers of petals of blue

light as the touch of a summers bee in the woods

would it sing of a country song

or of sacrifice

as the hawk

swoops it


I loved writing this delicate poem and encourage you to try it. It follows the Fibonacci sequence of 1,2,3,5,8,13 and then it spirals back down, 8,5,3,2,1.

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