The Parking Lot Angel

A True Story

Image by T. Langdon

A few years ago, I joined an online writing group on a whim. Every day, we wrote our thoughts about the day’s topic and if we wanted, we could share them in the group. It was my first attempt at writing about my feelings. Sometimes I wrote with a combination of excitement and dread at what my words would reveal.

Writing and then reading about the experiences of others changed my perspective. I realized that we all struggle sometimes. I met a wonderful group of supportive people and some of them became great friends. They are committed to showing up in vulnerable honesty, sharing our thoughts and experiences with each other. I’ve learned a lot and really appreciate their friendship. We still talk almost every day and support each other in our daily lives.

The subjects of our conversations varied widely, from raising children to the nature of spirit in the universe. For awhile last fall, the subject of guardian angels came up and several people said that they often asked their angels and guides for help.

I’ve never imagined that I had guardian angels. It wasn’t something I considered. Once in a while I did notice positive signs when I made a good decision, but I didn’t think about it much. The idea intrigued me.

When I was young, I made some spectacularly poor life decisions, so I think the universe was relieved when I made a good one and maybe it was trying to encourage me. I sure wasn’t aware of any angels by my side on a daily basis.

When I tried to communicate with them it felt strange. I wasn’t sure how to talk to an invisible being that I wasn’t sure existed.

Several friends shared that they were using ‘Angel Cards’ to connect with angels. I was curious and wondered if they’d work for me. The cards are larger than a regular playing deck and their purpose is to answer specific questions in a supportive way.

I decided that I needed some of this “angel magic” so I ordered a deck from Amazon. The deck was called “Messages from Your Angels”. I waited a week in anticipation and when the package arrived, I was curious and excited. The cards came in a lovely box with an image of a beautiful woman with soft white wings. Inside there was a small booklet of instructions. Each card represented a specific angel and had a supportive message on it. The beautiful artwork and message highlighted the individual angel’s talents.

I followed the instructions, carefully lit a white candle and shuffled the deck with intention. Each day I drew a card and read its message, bringing it into my awareness and trying to remember it during the day. While I enjoyed the inspiration, I still felt that I wasn’t doing it right. I somehow didn’t ‘get’ it.

In frustration, I asked for help. One night as I was preparing to go out for dinner with friends, I stood in front of my bathroom mirror and said — “I don’t know how to do this. I need your help. Please bring me a sign to let me know angels exist. Help me figure this out. Please show me what I am not aware of.”

When we arrived at the restaurant, I opened the passenger door to find a small china angel standing there beside me on the pavement. I picked her up and admired the fluffy white feathers glued to her back. Then I discovered that she had a switch that turned on a glowing light inside of her.

“Oh” — I thought. “She’s so gentle and beautiful.” The softly changing light gave me a feeling of peace. As I watched, the lights cycled through blue, then yellow and pink and then it repeated.

“This is so lovely” — I said, turning to my friend. “But this angel isn’t for me. Someone else needs this angel more than I do.” I left her light on and gently set her on a small ledge that faced toward the street.

We walked to the restaurant for dinner and just before we turned the corner, I glanced back and saw the angel standing there glowing in the darkness.

“Someone needs that little angel more than I do” — I thought again, and went to join our friends.

Several times during dinner I thought of her, hoping she was alright and that she had found the person she was meant for. Then I started questioning my judgement. Finding the angel had been such a surprise that I was confused and tried to give her away! It was a typical move; I usually put other people first. I couldn’t get her out of my mind as it occurred to me that she might be the angel I had asked for. By the time we finished dessert, I was anxious to see if she was still there. I’d decided if she was, I would claim her.

When we turned the corner to the parking lot, I felt a flutter in my chest when I saw the softly glowing light. I realized that she was my answer. She was there to tell me that angels do exist.

I had asked for an angel and there she was.

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