Life After Impeachment

Game, Set, Match

Photo by Tom Roberts on Unsplash

The clock has turned,
our lives are changed.
We missed our chance
to play the game.

Now we play
the longer game
with different rules
that shift the truth.

As we fought
to keep our rights
they slipped a masked intruder
into our sturdy House.

He has an arrow missing
from his moral compass.
It caused the tide to turn
and he was swept away.

In the troupe a hidden cast.
They hold a different script.
Their clicking tongues
and squawking facts
preoccupy our minds.

Their doping of excitement
feeds us well
and we can’t erase the tracks
the needles leave behind.

Unhinged and swinging loose;
a squeaking rusty gate.
We transitioned
to intolerance.

There was no beacon lit
to summon aid.

There was no warning light.

Waiting in the darkened wings,
is a savior with a friendly mask
that hides the Cuckoo

In our foolish desperation
we think he is a better choice.

For the moment,
we are grateful
and relieved.

Well played.

— — — — —

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