Who Were Those Masked Men?

Actually, they wore coveralls

48 Chev — photo credit T Langdon

We visited a small town off the west coast of Canada and found it filled with angels. Most of them were wearing coveralls.

It was our first time at the Sleepy Hollow Rod Run and Show and Shine in Sechelt and we had a terrific time. The local car club did a great job of organizing the show and the participation of the community during the parade was over the top.

On Sunday, we started driving home and heard a loud thump at the rear of the car and felt the whole car shudder. A shock stud bolt had sheared off and the frame had dropped down onto the suspension. Luckily, we were able to pull over onto the narrow shoulder.

We thought about calling a tow truck, but realized that there were a lot of other cars and drivers in town for the show. We hoped that someone would be able to help us out.

Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash

The next car that came around the corner was a modified orange jeep driven by a young man named Eli. We didn’t know it but he was our first angel in disguise. Not only did he live three driveways away, he had a floor jack, the tools and a bolt to temporarily fix the problem.

As the guys worked under the car, I stood on the side of the road acting as a safety cone as we were stopped on a blind corner.

The next angel was also in disguise. A highway maintenance truck passed by and then it turned around. A man appeared and placed several cones on the road to help alert the drivers. His cones would keep us safe from the traffic whizzing past. When I thanked him, he just smiled and left. I thought to myself “I love this town!”

When the repair was finished, we thanked Eli and tried to pay him for his trouble. He shyly refused.

Most stores weren’t open on Sunday, so we worked on drilling the broken part out of the shock mount. We knew the part was going to be a special order and expected to be delayed for a few days while it was delivered.

The next day, we went to a parts store to find the stud bolt and as expected, they didn’t have one.

Next we went to an automotive repair shop where we met Simon, another angel. He had a look at the broken stud and said “wait right here.”

Photo by Sel Fim on Unsplash

He returned with two of the exact shock studs that we needed. They had been in his toolbox for years. When we offered payment, he refused.

We went to the local tool rental store to get the tools we needed to do the repair. They had the floor-jack and lent us the other tools, the space and even a foamy to lie on.

The repair took 2 ½ hours and when it was finished, they refused to take any money for their rental. The two owners, more angels in disguise, shook our hands and sent us on our way.

We were overwhelmed. What could have been a cluster **of pain turned into a series of generous acts of kindness from members of this special community of angels.

We are so grateful to the helpers that brought kindness to our day with no expectation of any kind. What an amazing experience.

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