Charisma, The Sphynx, and Mother Mary’s Blessings

Illumination Project | The Oracle Project

What more could I ask for?

A display of colorful cards with images and sayings on them.
oracle-cards-242767_1920 by Manfred Antranias Zimmer on PIxabay

I was inspired by Chris Hedges article that celebrates the coming of fun and abundance in our lives. She discovered this nugget of happiness by drawing an Oracle Card.

She shared a link to an online Oracle site where you can pull a card without owning a deck. As I’m away from my home right now, I was excited to try it.

unicorn-39 Mother Mary is blessing you by Diana Cooper

I immediately felt resistance when I drew this card, because of my past associations with the church. I sat with the card for a few moments and remembered the history of women in the church, especially their exclusion from the records when the compilation of the stories in the bible took place.

I realized this card was sending me a message about feminine energy, to remind me to be nurturing and cooperative.

We need this energy in the world today.

Next, I drew a card from Diana Coopers’ Wisdom deck.

wisdom deck, Charisma card Diana Cooper


/kəˈrizmə/ noun

compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.

1.“she enchanted guests with her charisma”
Similar: charm, presence, aura, personality, the force of personality, the strength of character, individuality, magnetism, animal magnetism, drawing power, attractiveness, appeal, allure, pull, magic, spell, mystique, glamour.

2.” a divinely conferred power or talent.

On the surface, I like this card. It appeals to my tendency to want to take charge of things. There’s a dark side to leadership though. When a leader is unsure of their position and is unable to back their followers in their actions, they lose integrity.

This card invites me to explore how I can develop my leadership qualities with integrity and wisdom.

Charisma in a leader is a talent that comes with a warning, as I discovered when I drew my next card.

I drew the Sphinx card from the Atlantis deck, which warned me that it’s the time to keep secrets or it may be time to carefully choose my inner wisdom appropriately.

Feminine energy, charismatic leadership, and wisdom carefully shared. I’m loving this project.

The Sphinx by Diana Cooper, Atlantis Cards

If you are interested in pulling a card online, visit Diana Cooper at this link.

The Oracle Speaks — An Illumination Project.

Here’s the Project that started it all.

Infiniti is a Medical Medium, holistic practitioner, and Spirit Guide. She’s the creator of The Oracle Project at Illumination. She’s inviting everyone to join in.

The cards provide guidance to some of the mysteries of life and can strengthen your spiritual connections. Infiniti has found it’s an easy, effective, and empowering experience that anyone can have.

No training or abilities are required; all that’s needed is the intention for higher awareness.

This well thought out article clearly explains the process and why you might consider this approach to getting in touch with your inner guidance.

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