Break Out The Champagne!

I’m happy to announce that my book is released!

“We Swallow Light” is now available on Amazon.

I don’t know why this step feels so scary, but it does.

Publishing my first book of poetry is a giant step for me.

You’ve probably read a few of the poems here on Medium. Many of you have been generous enough to leave lovely comments on them.

A launch sounds like there should be ocean liners and lots of champagne!

We don’t have an ocean liner, but I might pop a bottle of bubbly at the ocean later today — if the snow lets up a bit.

A year ago, I set a goal to create a book of my poetry.

Writing poetry is one thing, but creating a book is another thing entirely.

I had so many questions; it was a daunting task

  • How do you organize a book of poems?
  • What poems should I include?
  • How to decide what the title and subtitle should be?
  • What else should I include in a book?

Then there were so many details to take care of: the book cover design, what to put on the back cover, and writing a book description that would entice readers.

I’ve kept track of the steps and will share them in another post.

But now, it’s time to CELEBRATE!

Here’s a bit from the back cover:

It’s your deepest fear
No one understands your pain
Could it be you’ll always feel alone?

Maybe you’ve never read an honest poem.
Maybe no one has ever told you a story that touched your heart.

This book is full of raw truths,
written by someone who understands what it’s like to try and fail.
…and then to fall and pick yourself up again and again until you figure it out.

Would you rather be lonely?
Or would you like to find a way to make a deep connection?

With this series of poems, Langdon shares her deepest fears
and shows you how you can move through your pain to find a better life.

In ‘A Walking Naked Dream,’ she explores growing up fast and alone.
Then her powerful words draw you into the poem ‘Forgive’ as she finds a way to leave her anger behind.
She did it, and you can too.

This poetry is as real as it comes, connecting directly to your heart.

This book will take you on a journey through events in a past life to today,
“The Binding, Surrender, The Passage, The Rituals, and Choosing Love.”

It’s a refreshing exploration of overcoming pain and the joy of finding love.

Get it Now

We Swallow Light: Poems for introverts and lonely hearts (Life Poetry)

If you want to help me get the word out, consider sharing this post.

Every little bit helps an author like me to get discovered. Readers like you can help make it happen.

Thanks in advance,
Tree Langdon

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